GreenSCENT – Phase 1 Main objective: Develop GreenComp 1st release
  1. Meta-analysis of existing EU and International Competence Frameworks on Sustainability;
  2. Definition of a first CF with the contribution of:
  3. External Advisory Board
  4. Citizen Engagement through Youth Design Assemblies (DBT) and Open Innovation Challenges
  5. Initial setup of technologies to be used in Phase 2
  6. Definition of research protocols;
  7. Planning of pilots and experiments;
GreenSCENT – Phase 2 On field implementation and validation of GreenComp 1st release
  1. Instructional Co-design with schools, universities, training providers;
  2. Educational scenarios and training kits definition
  3. Design and development of digital and hybrid demonstrators
  4. Evaluation of students’ learning processes and opinions;
  5. Evaluation of teachers’/professors’ perceptions and opinions;
  6. Evaluation of the impact of students/citizens engagement, participatory experiments, training activities on the actual behavioural change, through psychological instruments (Implicit Association Testing) to evaluate how the activities performed impacted on implicit beliefs, behaviours and choices of citizens and students involved
GreenSCENT – Phase 3 Main objective: Project outputs’ finalization, impact, promotion
  • GreenComp Framework in its final version, informed by the results of the activities in phase 2, and complemented by: a User Guide (for educators, training providers and corporate human resources), will provide practical information and guidelines for the implementation of GreenComp in programs education and training; Use cases: demonstration of how GreenComp has been implemented in the various didactic activities carried out; SCENTBox: a series of physical, digital and hybrid demonstrators, allowing to conduct practical and collaborative experiments in the classroom or involving citizens; Training kits will support teachers to contextualize and implement GreenSCENT demonstrator-based pedagogies in their classrooms and courses
  • ECCEL: The European Certification for Climate and Environmental Literacy: the European climate and environment driving license, will be developed by ECQA – European Certification and Qualification Agency, and will be proposed as a standard as ICDL, to be adopted in training and in the world of work
  • GreenSCENT platform, Mobile app and Augmented reality app, the set of main technologies adopted, developed and evolved during the project, which will be available to EU citizens and schools
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