GreenScent – Smart Citizen Education for a Green Future – aims to change citizens’ behaviors allowing them to be the ones who act to implement the policies of the European Commission in the context of the Green Deal.
The behavioral change of citizens through the stimulation of their empathy for social and global issues due to climate change is fundamental for the achievement of the objectives set by GreenScent and, more broadly, by the European Commission in the context of the Green Deal and the achievement, on the part of the European Continent, of Climate Neutrality by 2050.

SMART Objectives

 Develop and test the GreenComp Competence Framework with a fully participatory multi-stakeholder approach.
 Break existing stereotypes,transform skeptic attitudes, and increase awareness of citizens, pupils, students and society at large through education and experimentation by using inclusive and accessible citizen science and co-creation approaches.
 Ensure that digital competences are part of the GreenComp Competence Framework demonstrating the link between the Green and the Digital transition.
 Facilitate the adoption of the GreenComp Framework by co-creating with experts, teachers and students training kits, user guides and use casesneeded for course design, curriculum definition and creation of a Certification on Green Deal topics.
 Demonstrate the value of the GreenComp Framework by piloting a set of digital and analogue demonstrator activities in real scenarios through a network involving schools, civic organisations and PAs in at least 6 different countries.

 Maximise the reach and impact of the GreenComp and other relevant outcomes of the project through, outreach, specialised dissemination, Clustering and Exploitation activities. 

 Guarantee the overall short-medium term impact of the project.
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