The tool allows the creation of actual documentaries based on immersive content, i.e. 360° videos/photographs. Such documentaries will provide final users with immersive experiences based on standard web technologies; so documentaries can generally be enjoyed via browser and published on web sites or portals, but also shared in the form of links on social networks, messaging apps, etc…

The tool itself is based exclusively on web technologies and therefore does not require any specific SW installation; users registered on the GreenVerse platform will be able to use it freely from their browser independently creating documentaries by using the multimedia material shared on the platform or by uploading their own pieces of content into the platform. These documentaries will also be visible from the most popular VR devices.

A documentary of this type will consist of an immersive background (a film or a 360° photograph) on which additional information content can be inserted (explanatory texts, other photographs, videos, audio tracks). Such contents will typically be activated by user actions (click/tap) on specific areas or icons positioned in the background (hotspot).

It is also possible to connect different immersive contents allowing the user to jump between them thus simulating the passage between different environments.

So the tool allows to set backgrounds, insert additional content and set user actions that allow for the activation of such content or jumping to other environments.

The documentaries created will automatically be available on the GreenVerse platform and will be freely publishable and shareable by the author through common sharing mechanisms.

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