GreenSCENT will develop a competency framework (GreenComp) that embraces all areas of the Green Deal through a participatory and learning-by-doing design-based approach.

GreenSCENT will develop the GreenComp framework in collaboration with experts, researchers, stakeholders and the general public. We will test the framework in different European regions with students from different educational levels (from primary schools to higher education).

Through collaboration and research-based learning, we will develop digital, physical and hybrid educational technologies that can be used to promote environmental awareness.

GreenSCENT activities will involve:
- More than 100 experts from across the European region
- 45 schools and universities across the EU who will take part in our pilots
- Tens of thousands of people from the EU and further afield who take part in the Open Innovation Challenges.

As an output of the project, we will create:
- Competence Framework (GreenComp)
- Methodology
- Use Cases
- User Training Kits: codesigned with communities and young people
- GreenSCENTbox: A set of digital, physical and hybrid tools and activities
- ECCEL: a European “driving licence” for Climate and Environmental competences and skills

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