UNINETTUNO is an International Telematics University with six faculties and more than 15.000 students from more than 165 countries enrolled to its courses, which are provided in 6 languages through its e-learning platform. The distance courses have been also broadcasted using the web-tv and the satellite channel UninettunoUniversity.TV. The didactic programs include degree courses and masters for the following faculties: Engineering, Law, Economics, Psychology, Literature and Communication Sciences. In addition, the University offers several VET courses and up to 220 MOOC courses, being one of the largest MOOC providers in Europe.

Engineering Group is one of the main actors in the digital transformation of both public and private companies and organisations, with an innovative range of services for the main market segments. With 40+ locations (in Italy, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and USA), the Engineering Group designs, develops, and manages innovative solutions for the areas of business where digitalisation generates major change, such as Digital Finance, Smart Government & E-Health, Augmented City, Digital Industry, Smart Energy & Utilities, and Digital media & Communication. With its activities and projects, the Group is helping to modernise the world in which we live and work, combining specialist skills in the final frontier of technologies, technological infrastructures organised in a unique hybrid multi-cloud model, and the ability to interpret new business models. With important investments in R&D, Engineering plays a leading role in research, coordinating national and international projects and participating in international networks playing the dual role of promoting research on software at an international level and transferring innovation to the production cycle of the business structures.
The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), located in Bellaterra near Barcelona, is one of the major public universities in Spain. Currently, the university offers more than 100 bachelor’s degrees, covering a wide range of fields in humanities and arts, social sciences, health sciences, technology and physical sciences. The UAB also offers more than 200 master’s degrees, as well as 9 Erasmus Mundus master’s degrees. Finally, the UAB runs 68 doctoral programs and an average of 750 PhD dissertations are defended per year. The UAB has over 50,000 students, almost 4,000 researchers and teaching staff, and hosts more than 6,000 foreign students.
The Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) is a high-performance computing institution with experts in climate and air quality research, communication and data visualisation, among others. The interdisciplinary Knowledge Integration Team (KIT) of the Earth Sciences Department is working at the interface between science and society, and is involved in citizen science, science communication, dissemination and stakeholder engagement activities in GreenSCENT. The BSC Scientific Visualisation team, with expertise in creating high-impact interactive visualisation tools based on scientific data, is also working on developing an augmented reality application, one of the digital demonstrator applications of GreenSCENT.
Agorize is the leading global Saas platform for enabling organizational transformation through innovation and recruitment management. For more than 10 years Agorize has been providing technology powered by a 5 million community to foster change and modernize talent-hiring for our clients and partners worldwide, by increasing employee productivity and competitiveness, supporting employer brands to attract and retain top talent. The company has helped over 300 international companies in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, including L’Oréal, Microsoft, PayPal, LVMH, Safran, PepsiCo, and more.
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is a state owned and controlled non-profit limited liability company established by law and operating under the ownership steering of the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy. VTT is an RTO whose activities are focused on three areas: Carbon neutral solutions, Sustainable products and materials, and Digital technologies. VTT is impact-driven and takes advantage from its wide multitechnological knowledge base to strengthen Finnish and European industrial competitiveness. VTT can combine different technologies, produce information, upgrade technology knowledge, and create business intelligence and value added for its stakeholders. VTT has a staff of 2103, net turnover in 2020 was 148,9M€ and other operational incomes were 95,5M€. Over the years, VTT has gained vast experience from participation and coordination of numerous European projects including R&D Framework Programme projects and other thematic frameworks and programmes. VTT is ranked among the leading European RTOs.

The Danish Board of Technology (DBT) is a not-for-profit corporate foundation working for the common good.The mission of the DBT is to work for society’s development being shaped by informed and forward-looking collaboration between citizens, experts, stakeholders, and decision-makers. To this end, DBT performs and facilitates technology assessment and foresight, public engagement, Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), and new forms of governance.

4sfera provides innovative solutions to customers through: innovative methods in management, optimisation of resources and networks, data interpretation and analysis, assessment of air quality in at the local-regional level, communication of environmental information via the web and social networks… 4sfera is small SME actively involved in the air quality field for local, regional and national governments across Europe, supplying air quality expertise on data management and interpretation. On top of this, it provides necessary IT solutions via web portals, mobile app applications, SMS/email alerts system etc. 4sfera has specialised in the provision of joined air quality and IT solutions for the public sector.
University of Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences
The University of Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences (UNSPMF) was founded in 1969 and has been the country’s strong base of science and teaching ever since. The Faculty is comprised of five departments which conduct teaching and research in a wide range of specific and attractive study programmes: chemistry, biochemistry, environmental protection, biology, ecology, physics, computer science, mathematics, geography, tourism and hotel management. UNSPMF is experienced in managing and implementing both international and national projects. UNSPMF is strategically oriented to the EU and other external funding (H2020; Interreg IPA CBC and transnational programmes; Erasmus Plus KA1 and KA2), trying to unlock and fully employ its excellence and exploit the results achieved through previous EU programs. The research strategy is directed towards internationalization of education and research, boosting human resources and capacity building, and increasing overall institutional excellence. University of Novi Sad is committed to principles of The European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers and is awarded the HR Excellence in Research Logo, which states the institutional commitment to providing the best supporting services to researchers wishing to pursue research career in Serbia.
ECQA’s mission is to provide Europe-wide certification schemes for people’s competences and skills in numerous professions. Backed by a large, continuously expanding European and international network of both industrial and academic expert professionals and organisations in numerous domains, the ECQA fosters the elaboration and deployment of competence frameworks and skill cards, as well as their frequent adaptation to the rapidly evolving needs and requirements on the job market. Based on these competence frameworks and skill cards, the ECQA provides certification processes and facilities for currently more than 30 job roles in various domains. The ECQA has built Focus Groups around strategic domains such as Accessibility, Cultural Heritage, Cybersecurity, Functional Safety, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Mobility, Sustainability, etc. These European expert groups drive forward the filling of the skills gaps in existing and emerging job roles in their domains, as well as across those. ECQA board members have themselves expertise in at least one of these domains, allowing them to get actively engaged in defining the strategic direction of these groups. Apart from certification, the ECQA also defines and verifies quality criteria for training organisations and trainers to leverage comparable quality levels of trainings across Europe and beyond. Furthermore, the ECQA also centrally promotes all certified job roles via newsletters, website, social media, and participation in dissemination events. So far, the ECQA GmbH has certified more than 10000 professionals in Europe and beyond, they have had more than 15000 candidates attending online skills browsing and exam facilities. They unite about 60 accredited VETs as training bodies in 18 EU countries. The facilities are owned by the ECQA, and the premise is entirely independent form other beneficiaries and/or partner organizations in the consortium
Manfred Mudelsee
Climate Risk Analysis from Germany is a small research company working on risk quantification and data analysis of extreme climate or weather events. CRA was founded in 2005 by Manfred Mudelsee, who still runs it. We collaborate with international groups from industry and academia to generate better knowledge. We believe that more accurate and robust risk estimates are the basis for making better decisions in this world of climate change. The methodical basis of our work comes from combining experience in environmental physics with expertise in computer age statistical inference. CRA participates in research projects funded by the European Union or national agencies. CRA serves clients from the public, private and academic sectors. Finally, CRA teaches its methodical approach in courses.
EA is a school in the greater area of Athens, Greece. Its Research and Development Department focuses on the design, implementation and support of pedagogical and technological innovation in educational practice, through work within the school and through national, European and international collaborations with numerous educational and research institutions. Under this approach, EA has taken up the challenge to embed pedagogical practices for cultivating environmental and sustainability mindsets towards the European Green Deal targets.
Maunula Secondary School and Helsinki School of Mathematics (Maunulan yhteiskoulu ja Helsingin matematiikkalukio) offers education for students in lower secondary school between ages 13-16 (grades 7-9), as well as for students in upper secondary school. Our school has a combined number of 800 students, of which half study in our lower secondary school and half in our upper secondary school. We have English speaking classes in our lower secondary school. Both school levels have a special maths and science programme.
Royal School of Transilvania
Royal School in Transylvania provides choice and innovation and believes in strong public engagement. Therefore, it offers equal respect to the community, the world of work, the environment and ecology. Pupils enjoy a 21st-century curriculum designed for real-world learning and building learning power. Royal School is a child-centred school adhering to and developing child protection, safety rights, global education and preparing learners for responsible citizenship through a variety of extracurricular projects.
Private SMART high school was founded in 2009, recognized by Serbian State institutions.  The school has two majors: Computer major for talented students and General major grammar school. The school has committed and competent staff across the departments make the Smart high school recognized for its excellence and commitment to social engagement, creating educated and open-minded young experts. It’s a Smart high school and is green-ecology oriented. Ecology in the school is important with the aim of teaching young people how to change habits and make a direct impact on behaviour change towards achieving the goal of environmental protection.
CSR Company International
The CSR Company International is one of the leading CSR consultancies in the world, specializing entirely on Strategic CSR, Business Ethics, Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement.  We are committed to add value to the business of our clients by embedding the principles of corporate social responsibility into their core strategies, policies, programs and actions.
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