SCENT Pillars

Citizen engagement is a driver for change

At GreenSCENT, we believe that involving people in the definition of policy is necessary to meet the challenges of the climate crisis both on a local and global scale.

Learning by doing is key. Active experimentation will help us better understand and adapt to the climate crisis.

Moving away from traditional education towards more active participation will help us create a space in which we can experiment and learn from one another on the best ways to understand and adapt to the climate crisis. By developing tools with people across society, we can foster a sense of inclusion and raise awareness of the challenges of environmental sustainability.

Young people are crucial for addressing climate and environmental challenges: Young people are the changemakers of the present and the future!

Young people represent the future of the EU and they are ambassadors of the Green Deal. Young people have the ability to involve their peers and families in environmental campaigns and activities. They have the potential to become the main drivers of environmental protection. For this reason, we will work with schools, universities and educational institutions to reach young people.  

Vulnerable groups must be involved in this process: No one should be left behind!

In keeping with the principle of inclusion, vulnerable groups, such as migrants, refugees, people with disabilities, the elderly and people in rural areas, must be included in any dialogue and concrete actions of the Green Deal. Europe simply cannot afford to exclude these people as one of the main European themes is “united in diversity”.

GreenSCENT Competence Framework must be both acceptable and adoptable: Co-creation is key.

In order to ensure GreenSCENT Competence Framework widespread uptake after the end of the project, we will involve students, activists, educational institutions, and the private sector at all stages in the GreenSCENT project. GreenSCENT Competence Framework will be used as a tool to design and implement educational initiatives inside and outside of the classroom. GreenSCENT Competence Framework will promote the integration of skills related to the environment in the private sector.

Developing skills in all aspects of life.

The activities proposed by GreenSCENT will help people develop skills not only concerning the environment but which will develop digital and transversal skills, such as creative thinking, problem solving, teamwork, planning and design. These skills will help people develop the necessary professional skills needed to understand and address environmental challenges

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