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Youth Design Assemblies

We are looking for young Climate Ambassadors to join GreenSCENT’s Youth Design Assembly

Would you like to play a key role in creating a more sustainable future? Would you like to be part of a community with 60 other young people from all across Europe? And would you like to become a Climate ambassador and thereby become a driver of the green transition in the EU? Join a Youth Design Assembly today!


In the GreenSCENT Youth Design Assemblies you will – along with young people from all over Europe – become ‘green-experts’ and help us design a European future focused on the environment, the climate and sustainability. Read more and apply through the link below.

What is GreenSCENT?
To explain what GreenSCENT is, we first need to talk about The European Green Deal. The Green Deal is an EU policy which aims to improve the well-being and health of European citizens and generations to come regarding climate, energy, biodiversity, environment, and other important themes. However, Europe’s citizens lack the knowledge and skills to know what they can actually do to achieve these goals. Which is why we need your help. GreenSCENT– Smart Citizen Education for a Green Future – aims to empower EU citizens to act in order to implement the policies of the Green Deal. The approach will be based on participation, experience and learning-by-doing, and it will be tested in different European regions and at all levels of education – from primary school to higher education and lifelong learning. The goal of the GreenSCENT project is to make a set of teaching methods and materials to be used in schools, high schools, and universities across Europe. Through these tools, the project aims to support and empower European citizens, so they can act to achieve the objectives of the Green Deal in the best way possible.
Lean more about the project through this short video:

Your Role
It is very important for us to involve young people directly in the development of the different parts of the project – our pilot activities, teaching materials etc. We want to make sure that we are creating the right solutions. Therefore, we need your input continuously throughout the project – which we will listen to and incorporate into the project. In other words – you will be our expert panel.

By giving feedback and input to specific project materials and activities you will become a Climate Ambassador – and your participation will result in a Climate Ambassador Certificate from the EU project GreenSCENT. You will also meet a lot of young like-minded people from Europe. Both online and during our in-person meetups in the autumn 2023 in Denmark, Spain, Italy and Serbia. This will give you a unique opportunity to network – both with peers and project managers from GreenSCENT.

Who we are Looking for
To join the Youth Design Assemblies, we are looking for young people of all genders in the age group 17-25 years. You may be a student, or have an interest in climate change, environmental issues, sustainability, or design/co-design. You don’t have to have any prior knowledge about these topics – just an interest in learning more and making a difference. Participants with all language backgrounds and ethnicities are welcome. But you must be able to speak and write English.

The Process
You will become part of one out of 4 Youth Design Assemblies. Each assembly will consist of 15 young people from across Europe. Your first online meeting will take place in September 2022 after which the assembly will meet online every other month. Before each meeting, you will receive materials, so you can prepare yourself to share your opinion on different parts of the project. At the meetings you will meet the project partners who will present their activities, and the help they need from you. At the meetings you will also receive follow up on how your input has been used to shape the different parts of the project. And you will be able to share opinions and experiences with young people from across Europe.

After 6 online meetings the assembly will meet in person for a two-day meeting in September/October 2023. At this in-person meeting you will either get to co-host the meeting in your own country together with GreenSCENT project staff and welcome your peers to your country – or you will travel to a destination in Europe and connect with the other young people from your assembly. The GreenSCENT project will cover all costs for travel and accommodation.

After the in-person meeting, the assembly will meet 2 more times online to wrap up the input and finish off with a personal certificate from GreenSCENT.
To apply – follow the link below and fill in some information about yourself and a few lines about your motivation to join a Youth Design Assembly. Application deadline is the 21st of August 2022.
We look forward to receiving your application!

The preliminary timeline for the Youth Design Assemblies (YDA) looks like this:
Activity Dates  
Joint online kick-off meeting On a Sunday from 10am-3pm CET   September 25th 2022
First online working meeting On a weekday afternoon from 3pm-6pm CET   At the end of October
Online working meeting On a weekday afternoon from 3pm-6pm CET   At the end of November
Online working meeting On a weekday afternoon from 3pm-6pm CET   At the beginning of February
Online working meeting On a weekday afternoon from 3pm-6pm CET   In the middle of April
Online working meeting On a weekday afternoon from 3pm-6pm CET   In the beginning of June
In-person Event Two-day meeting over a weekend in either Denmark, Spain, Italy, or Serbia   In September or October 2023    
Online working meeting On a weekday afternoon from 3pm-6pm CET   In the middle of November
Joint online final meeting On a Saturday from 10am-3pm CET   January 20th, 2024  
youth assemblies
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