GreenSCENT at Royal School in Transylvania

GreenSCENT at Royal School in Transylvania

Our contribution as demonstrators started in the beginning of May, when, for two days, Royal School in Transylvania was visited by a group of researchers from Uninettuno University, Rome. The four delegates, part of the developing team of the GreenScent Project, have collaborated closely with our high school students, as well as some of our teachers across all Key Stages, who took part in several workshops and outdoor activities such as filming and taking photos of the surrounding environment.

The main purpose of these activities was not only to increase awareness, but mostly to evaluate the students’ learning processes and the teachers’ perceptions and opinions in order to best develop courses, define curriculum and create Green Deal certification programmes tailored for different ages and knowledge levels.

Running this first research session along with our teachers, the work they did will help better design the platform and resources which will be launched EU wide at the end of the project. So, more of these activities will await for Royal School which is proud to help make a difference in the wider community oriented towards the same goal.

The European Certification for Climate and Environmental Literacy (ECCEL) is designed to become the European climate and environment driving licence, will be developed by the European Certification and Qualification Agency, and will be proposed as a standard like ICDL, to be adopted in training and in the world of work.

Thus, we are one step further in our educational journey for a Green Future!

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