ECCEL: Co-Creation Workshop in Romania

ECCEL: Co-Creation Workshop in Romania

CSR team – 10th of October 2023

Patrick is presenting the ECCEL to 4 teachers that are listening to him

At the end of April CSR Company International had the opportunity to organize and guide a co-creational workshop in the Royal School of Transylvania located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. As one of the main project outputs is the development of a European driving licence named “ECCEL”, the European Certification for Climate and Environmental Literacy, a first review of the work done so far and on-side communication with educators was necessary to continue the development of the new standard, to be adopted in training and in the world of work.

For this, Patrick from CSR Company International first presented the status and concept of ECCEL, especially the first module “climate change”. Following the presentation, the four participating teachers from Royal School in Transylvania were divided into groups of two for the second and main part of the workshop.

Their task was to review the specific learning objectives of the module “climate change”. Furthermore, the educators tested the different learning objectives for actual practicality in the classroom, brainstormed around possible activities with their students and thought of suitable assessment methods. Also, they assigned competences to different EQF-levels.


Patric is sitting together with the teachers. They are discussing the ECCEL together.

The workshop was a great success. Not only was the amount of feedback CSR Company International got outstanding, but also the willingness and active participation from the teachers created a great working atmosphere. Big THANK YOU at this point! 😊

The four teachers covered the educational levels of primary school, secondary school and high school.

ECCEL: Co-Creation Workshop in Romania
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