Kick-off meeting: The GreenSCENT journey has begun!

Kick-off meeting:
The GreenSCENT journey has begun!

Chiara Gunella and Sarah McDonagh (UAB) – 7th of February 2022

Kick-off-Greenscent. GreenSCENT first picture during the Kick-Off meeting (video call)

From 2-4 February we held our GreenSCENT kick-off meeting where we presented the project and partners as well as planned for the year ahead. 

Where? Online.

Who was there? The representatives of the 15 partners involved in the project.

What happened? A lot! But here is a quick rundown of what happened:

First of all UNINETTUNO, the university that coordinates the project, welcomed everyone and introduced the participants to the main objectives and pillars of the project.

So, what’s the aim of GreenSCENT? To change citizens’ behaviors allowing them to be the ones who act to implement the policies of the European Commission in the context of the Green Deal.

How will this change be possible? 

  • By encouraging empathy for social and global issues.
  • Through pedagogical projects, accessible apps/web applications, competence frameworks, and community engagement.

Why? We want to achieve the objectives of the Green Deal, namely Carbon Neutrality by 2050.

After the introduction, we were introduced to one of our sister projects ECF4CLIM. Their aim? To develop a European Competency Framework (ECF) for transformational change for the educational community to take action against climate change and towards sustainable development.

Then we moved on to the six work Packages of the project and to the demonstrators.

There are 8 GreenSCENT work packages! In the coming months, we will introduce each part of the project. Still curious? Check out our pillars and demonstrators and stay tuned for our next post which will try to answer the question: how green are we?


Kick-off meeting: The GreenSCENT journey has begun!
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