Launch of GreenSCENT User Panels

Launch of GreenSCENT User Panels

The UAB team – 13th of May 2022

Two girls in front of a graffiti.

Here at the GreenSCENT project, we want to engage people of all ages with environmental issues. 

We have recently launched our User Panels, which is the first phase of our research. As part of our User Panel research, we will collaborate with students, both secondary and primary, parents and teachers to better understand their behaviours, beliefs, attitudes and perspectives on environmental issues, which will inform how we design the GreenSCENT mobile app and web application

In the coming weeks, we will conduct interviews and focus group discussions with schools in Greece, Romania, Spain, Finland, Serbia and Italy to better understand how the environmental crisis has impacted their behaviours, their understanding of environmental issues and technology as well as identify any technological or informational barriers they face. 

The purpose of this research is to better understand user requirements and future use cases as well as abilities, needs and limitations to design our mobile app and web application to engage a wide range of potential users.

We recently carried out a series of interviews with students and teachers from the Institut de Cardedeu outside of Barcelona to learn more about their experiences of sustainability and what motivates them to be “green”.  

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Launch of GreenSCENT User Panels
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